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Los Angeles, planting zone 10b, coastal rooftop screen/vine ideas?

4 years ago

Have an existing rooftop about a block from the ocean, looking to plant something that is lightweight (trying to minimize weight on the roof) as a privacy screen from neighbors.

Beach community in LA. I can build posts and install cable or trellis screens, so I was thinking of planting a vine to serve as the privacy screen - something like passionfruit vine or clematis. They would have to be in long narrow containers, as there are existing lights along the deck that I do not want to block.

Originally I was going to build a posts and beams with 2x4s and mount an artificial ficus hedge, but it looks way too fake.

So now I am exploring other options. I need something fairly low maintenance. I have absolutely no experience in gardening, so would be appreciative of any advice. :)

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