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Mozilla Firefox Problems

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

There have been several upgrades done to the Internet Browser during the last 6 months or maybe year. But during the last few months, there are some things that are getting on my nerves. Maybe someone can tell me if we got upgraded and things changed or if I need to tweak something.

1. When trying to research my problems, I found some references to accounts that made me think that the way to login when going to the support pages/forums has changed. I tried that process and it is hopelessly broken. No one must have tested the software before it was moved into production status. But can someone tell me if I understood correctly, that my old user id and password would not work anymore and I have to set something new to use support pages?

2. When I try to login into Houzz and all other password controlled websites, I do not login automatically as I used to do. Is Firefox broken or what? If I close Firefox and start it back up, I have to re-logon all over again. What is going on??? Very irritating.

3a. When I click on the field where the urls normally display, it shows references to doing searches with Google, Amazon and lists other websites that I have been to. Isn't my 'never remember history' supposed to prevent remembering previous used websites? It makes me feel like the 'never remember' setting is not working. When I moved the cursor above these lines and they are highlighted, I tried hitting the 'delete' button but none of those lines will delete. How can I delete them?

3b. It seems as if the URL Field has been changed to do searches also... although I fail to see why bother doing that if I already have a separate field in Firefox for that.

TIA, Luis

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