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mozilla browser problem

16 years ago

this is driving me crazy can anyone explain how to stop this?

i use mozilla version 1.0.7, i'm sure there is a newer version. i'm running windows 98 SE on a pentium so i am not sure if a newer version would cause other issues on this ancient machine! this seems to be a new problem, i don't remember this happening until i retired 3 weeks ago. granted i used the pc at work but i did use this one too.

this never happens when using ie browser but i like mozilla (pages load faster and bs at gw is under control with mozilla) and use it all the time so i often forget that i have to use ie at site XYZ. oh this ONLY happens at site XYZ never at any other website!

this is what happens at site XYZ.

i use the back arrow button on the mozilla browser tool bar when i am done reading to return to the index, could be 1 page back or several, and often a window pops up saying it performed an illegal operation and has to close. so ALL my mozilla browsers then close down! i might have 1/2 dozen open at different other websites and i loose all the links! it takes about 30 seconds to relaunch the 1st browser then i open the other 5 (they open faster, that 1st is a sob) and have to go back to every website USING DIALUP!!! ok, i know no one sympathizes with me on dialup but that's my life! some of the websites are slow to load, say 2 minutes each, and it can literally take 10 minutes to get back to where i was before this happened.

like i said this NEVER happens at any other website JUST at site XYZ.

it just happened again so now i'm really mad!

anyone else have this happen? anyone know how to stop it?


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