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Small Lightly wooded area cleared to grass. Till or no till?

Cinnamonstick 11
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago


I read up as much as I could over the past few days and I’m getting a ton of mixed information. Even on the Houzz boards.

We cleared a lightly wooded area with not a lot of underbrush. Perhaps 150 feet x 20 feet (to extend our yard grass by 30%). We are having the stumps professionally ground down. Maybe 30 stumps ranging 2” to 16”. Most middle range of 4 to 6”. We were also going to pay to have the area tilled before seeding. We plan on grass only for this area. Today it has rained all day. Photos are gloomy.

Need some input please:

1) Till or no till. I’m reading both. I read to till the soil to break up whatever roots may still be below ground after they grind the stumps. Then, I’m reading don’t till, because it will disturb the nutrient rich top soil from the previous decaying leaves etc. Soil does seem to have a nice layer on top. However, there are a lot of tree roots, weed roots etc. in the soil. It never had thick underbrush. Question 2 below pics

2) I’m not sure if question number two depends on question number one. Do you think we need to lay down topsoil before we put seed down or is this anyone guess too dependent upon soil quality which can’t be guessed over the net.

I appreciate any help. Money is tight and we can’t afford to make mistakes. Thank your for any help.

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