Garage steps with storage? Yay or nay?

last year

My GC is going to build some steps from the garage into the house. I had the bright idea of trying to tuck storage into each step. Is this a good idea? Have you tried it? Any tips? Our plan so far is to use nice redwood.


I have a 1940 bungalow. The steps will be about 45 wide (door + wide door trim + 6” return between the door and the back of the garage=45”). You step up from the top step into the house. Door swings into the house. Three steps, about 6.5-7” tread and 10.5-11” step. I don’t want access from the side but from the top. So the bright idea is to have the top step hinge up and probably have the others 2 steps hinge up too (or a drawer, but that seems like it could be more work). So...each compartment would be 45” wide and about 6.5” tall. The top would be 11” deep, the second about 22” deep and the bottom about 33” deep. My thought is I could store random garage or gardening things that I want on hand but don’t access very often.

Good idea or is my brain addled by the remodeling and Covid?

thanks for your thoughts and help!

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