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Friends & Family entrance for our Georgian home--yay/nay?

11 years ago

We are about to break ground on our Georgian-style home. The house has one attached and one detached garage, a main door in the front of the house and two doors on the back. The architect has a friends and family entrance designed for the area between the house and the attached garage. The attached garage is set back a little bit from the facade of the house, which is why I am also including a diagram of the first floor, which shows the steps leading up to the friends and family entrance. This would enter into the mud hall which attaches the garage to the main part of the house. I'm debating against this entrance because it would sort of disrupt the landscaping I have in mind for the front of the house (simple oval driveway in front of the house with boxwood hedges, very historic looking) because of the necessary walkway and steps. Plus, do we really need this entrance? If our kids are dropped off or our parents visit they can come through the garage, the front door, or the back door. I would really love any thoughts on this both from a convenience standpoint and also aesthetics. I'm including a photo of the front of our house and a diagram of the first floor. Help!!!! :)

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