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Updated kitchen in an old house needs further updating! ;)

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi everyone! I just purchased my first home, and I am so excited. Some context first - the original part of the house is circa 1750, built of stone, and was used as a coopers shop. There have been several additions since then, including the kitchen. The style was somewhat generously described as colonial (it's more vernacular.) There is also a barn visible from the kitchen window. I love the original, older parts of the house, and these are what pulled at my heart strings. The kitchen is fine. I can't justify replacing something as functional and well-maintained. If I was designing a kitchen from scratch, I'd love soapstone counters and a mix of wood and painted cabinetry that is more like furniture, but another time.. :) Also, these pictures are from the listing and the furniture is not mine. I move in mid-month, but lately all I can do to stay sane during this time inside is think about ways to design the home.

Here are some things I'd like to change:

The backsplash - The idea was surely to coordinate the tile with the original exposed stone, but the tile is cooler and more blue. I think this is more apparent in the second picture. Also, I don't like the pattern. I have looked through pictures exhaustively trying to find something that works, but I realize now I need help figuring out what exactly that is. I thought of using something simple like bead board, but then read that food becomes caked in the grooves.

The hood - I don't care for how it is staggered with the cabinets. Also, do you feel like the matchy-matchiness of the cabinets ought to be broken up? I have considered replacement with everything from plaster to black stove pipe.

The pendant lights - is the one over the island Tuscan-style? This might be difficult to replace as the shift in height to the ceiling happens over the island, making placing three independently strung lights tricky. I'm not sure what can be done but I don't care for unit. Nor do I care for the unit over the kitchen table. I'd love to get something with genuine patina, but I haven't been able to find anything yet.

I'm also open to other ideas for items not mentioned above, but again, I'm not taking her down to studs.

Thank you!

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