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Update : New house, old pond. Photos.

17 years ago

Hi folks, this evening is finally a dry one and the pump and pre-filter was in urgent need of a clean. I took some photos while I was at it. Not very exciting I'll admit, however a very good indication of how much rubbish I have to move from the pond ;-)

So, without further ado..

Here is the pump, just out of the pond. Note the green rubbish on top, this was floating on top of the pond. I've yet to find out which one of the 100's of plants around the pond is responsible for these green bits. Sadly lifting it from the water let's plenty of the silt run back into the pond.


A close up of all the scum. It's quite horrible.


The screen is actually quite large; here it is unfolded ready to be hosed down. It's quite surprising how much sludge is getting stuck here, it really is a most unpleasant cleaning job.


Clearly the screen is doing a good job, it's not a great surprise that the poor old pump was never running.

Once again a big thanks to all involved. More pictures incoming as soon as it stops raining for more than 10 mins ;-(



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