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Prepping for the inevitable...

Probably smart to just be prepared. Press conference a couple hours ago did answer some questions. Waking up to the first COVID-19 virus in NYC.

It is just the flu, or flu-like. So sorry says me. I had the flu in 1986 and in 1991. Horrible experience. It is not 'just the flu'. I lived but it was not pleasant. Not had a flu since but storm Sandy and Igor was not fun.

Anywho, I'm prepared, and Annie is prepared. Just get your list together like any eminent storm.

Not at all worried but our work home base is international. If it shuts down we will be fine at home north of the city in the forest. If we have a 'shut down' a dozen close friends are welcome in our home.

Without much effort we are good for 6 weeks+.

2-3 weeks is probably fine.

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