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Fisher and Paykel Integrated Dish Drawer Sensor Question

Gail Gemberling
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I got a new Fisher and Paykel Dish Drawer set. This one has the integrated cabinet panels on it and all the controls on the inside at the top. If you start it and forget something, you are supposed to be able to knock twice on the front and it will beep at you telling you it has paused and you can open it. Problem is that it does not seem to detect the knock and just keeps running. Has anyone else had this problem? Any common issues? Is it bad sensors or what?

My installer which is where I purchased it keeps sending out someone with one idea to try. On the first visit, they realized the sensors were not screwed to the door. They had to get the right screws so as not to be too long and go all the way through my cabinet panels. They said they would come back with the screws and they did. Now the sensors are screwed in but they still do not work. The guy did not know what else to try and said he would research it and come back. Clearly these guys are not able to efficiently run any kind of diagnostics or trouble shooting as they seem not that familiar with the machine. They admit they don't sell a lot of Fisher Paykel and particularly the new integrated panel ones. I think this is the first model with this "knock to pause" feature on it.

At this rate it could be out of warranty before we figure this out. Can anyone assist me with this?

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