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Condensate drain from furnace, noise from drain stack...

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello -

We live on the top floor of our building above two other units and recently (seems to correspond with renovation of bottom floor in our stack of units) we've been hearing acoustic noises originate from a drain stack located on the floor of our furnace room. The noises happen at set times during the day and in rhythmic waves, initially it sounds like water cascading/flushing and then it abruptly stops with a tap/bump....wait 5 seconds....and the cycles starts again. It happens for about 15-20 minutes at the same time every morning, almost when someone might be showering to get ready for work. Anyway...

The drain where the acoustic noises originate receives what appears to be the condensate from our furnace through a PVC pipe that is routed from the furnace to the drain. The top of the drain is open to the air and the smaller condensate PVC pipe isn't secured in any way (see photos), so it just kind of disappears into the larger drain and there is some play/movement.

I realize the real solution is to address this problem at the source, which we are researching with our homeowners association, but in the meantime I'm curious what our options are for dampening the noise. Can we cover the top of the drain with sound insulation or does it need to be open/exposed in order to breathe or vent? What insulation would one recommend? There isn't much clearance against the baseboard, so wonder what our options are. Any other thoughts or ideas?

Appreciate any help or insights!

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