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Condensate Drain Line

14 years ago

I had a furnace/AC unit installed about 7 years ago. The installer ran a line across my basement to a slop sink. Since than the line got clogged with "junk"...guess mold and green gook. The repair man blew compressed air into it to clean it out, the repair was under the utility contract (pay one price all repairs are included). Being I am refinishing my basement now and using sheetrock on the ceiling due to low headroom, I wanted to replace the existing clear rubber drain hose. Question:

How long does this clear rubber hose last?

Is this the right product, is something better? I saw in HD a hard white you would run to an ice maker with the same ID of 3/8".

I was thinking of running that blue carlon corrugated conduit end to end so I can pull in replacement hose...good idea or a waste?

Anyway to keep the hose clean from gook?

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