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Need help choosing central heat/AC system

8 years ago

I have a 2700 sq foot ranch with basement (1350 up, 1350 down) which requires full ducting and all components to be installed. Currently we have no AC and the heating is the horrible ceiling sandwich radiant heat. This also means there is no ducting. For purposes of this discussion the basement will be left as-is (likely going to simply place a single ductless option there later on), and we will only be focusing on the upstairs. Gas is not currently run to the home (Portland, Oregon), but the gas company will run it for free so not an issue.

I have this quote :

-Supply and install a new Bryant FV4C Preferred air handler with a variable speed blower motor in the attic

-Supply and install a new Bryant 225B Preferred 15 SEER heat pump, pad, coil and lineset

-Supply and install properly sized and secured flex supply and return duct work in the attic

-Supply and install a new condensate system for the heat pump

-Supply and install a compatible Honeywell programmable thermostat

-Supply an electrician to connect the new heat pump and air handler to the existing circuit panel

-Start-up, test and adjust equipment

-Supply HVAC permit

Change both panels into to one full size main breaker panel $1,565.00

Total Investment $14,398.00

Total Cost $15,963.00

(this provider said to make this quote for the gas equivalent units instead of electric units it would be ~2500 more)


And then this quote:

 Installation, labor and material to install new furnace and air conditioner system in attic with new

platform to be built with catwalk to pull down ladder access

 Drain pan with water safety switch and condensate drain line to location TBD

 New Gas line from meter to furnace location (NW Natural to determine cost and location of meter)

 New Rheem Prestige 96V 60k BTUH gas furnace with 2-stage valve and Variable Speed Blower (ECM

motor), model #R96VA0602317MSA. Qualifies for State (up to $352) and Federal (up to $200) Tax


 New Rheem Classic Series 2 -ton13-SEER Air Conditioner, Model #RA1324AJ1NB

 New Rheem matching indoor evaporator coil and new in-line filter dryer with outdoor unit installation

 Honeywell VisionPro WiFi thermostat

 7-supply air vents with high velocity registers and 1-return air (with filter grill) in upper hall

 New clad lite pad for outdoor unit

 Triple evacuate line set and pressure test in preparation for setting refrigerant levels to

specified levels and pressures for optimum operation & efficiency

 All sheet metal transitions and mastic Sealed Joints @ Plenums

 Provide a licensed electrical contractor to wire new furnace, service light, A/C system and service plug

for A/C

 Mechanical Permit (Inspection Scheduling Post Installation)

 Clean Up Work Areas and Use Drop Clothes and/or Booties (As Necessary)

 Rheem Limited Warranty: 10-Year Parts & Compressor (w/Registration Required)

 Ultimate Comfort Warranty: 1-Year Labor and 10-Year Workmanship Coverage

TOTAL INVESTMENT (Approved Scope) $13,118.00


Obviously these are different units, and the second path doesnt include the switching of my existing panel to a new main breaker. But let's make that cost constant... What I am seeing is a Bryant option option that is going to come in around 3,000-4,000 dollars more than the Rheem option.

My questions/concerns are:

1. Are these units under/over sized for my home?

2. Do either of these quotes look crazy off to you?

3. I am an accountant... Please be easy on me if I forgot to write in some info :)

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