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help with furniture layout for really oddly shaped family room

V Smith
4 years ago

Our family room is large but awkward because the original owners or builders had the brilliant idea of putting the fireplace near the middle of the room instead of against a wall, which basically gives the room a U-shaped configuration. There's also a wet bar at one end that further adds to the awkwardness. We don't use the wet bar and may remove it eventually, but that would probably be at least a couple years down the road. The room functions primarily as a homeschool room and a roughhousing-friendly playroom for my 5 wild boys (ages 1-11). I've attached pictures of the room as well as a floor plan.

The sofa table that's at the bottom of the stairs, the desk, and the sectional are all used for our homeschooling.

We had a TV in it for a while (between the built-in bookshelves) but haven't replaced it since the boys broke 2 TVs in less than a month. We will probably put another TV in at some point. The sectional is pretty new and I can't replace it, but it seems too large for the room and adds to the awkward feel. The most logical spot for the sectional would be under the large window, but then where could we put a TV for viewing from the sectional? Would splitting the sectional into its pieces and splitting the parts up would help with the layout?

The old mattress is for the boys to jump on, and they do use it fairly often. The ceiling is too low for even a low indoor trampoline (7 foot ceiling). I also have a large climber + slide (106" long x 49" wide) that has to go either in the living room or the family room as there's no other space large enough. We have long, cold, windy winters and I need an indoor play space for the youngest ones, so the climber needs to stay inside.

I am not looking to buy a bunch of new items for this room or do any major remodeling, but just to rearrange what we already have into a better configuration, and make room for the climber/slide. It does fit in the space between the sectional and the mattress but that takes up all the remaining floor space except at the ends of the U-shape. I would like to add curtains to the large window but am not sure whether to go with cafe-style curtains or regular curtains that stop just below the window sill. Long curtains will NOT work for this room (some of my boys having moments of thinking they are Tarzan).

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