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Recessed lighting layout, oddly shaped living room.

John Long
4 years ago

Hi everyone. I need some verification and if I took this to the local hardware store I'm afraid of the answer or reaction I would get! Though maybe they would be a good resource. I have already purchased the lights so that might be awkward.

I created a diagram, Layout PDF link, and added the specs for the lights at the bottom. I will be 100% honest, I don't know what all the information means exactly. I just saw mounting height and took the first number, I highlighted it, and put 9.1' circles around each light. I don't know what FC is...

I think for the shape of the room I did about the best I can. I'm wanting to mainly light up the perimeter of the room, not sure if I need any lights in the center, other than the ceiling fan which has 4 candelabra lights. Though I'm not opposed to putting recessed lights in the center of the room. I think it would be hard to do that and keep any sort of layout symmetry the way I have them laid out now, and what I came up with was pretty difficult for me!

My ceilings are 10'. I plan on 2 dimmers and have the lights listed as Ln-1 or Ln-2 with the length of wire I think I need.

Is the coverage good or will the coverage leave a little to be desired? Shoudl I squeeze more lights in and try to overlap more?

Thanks for looking!

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