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Single guy needs help with an oddly shaped living room !

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hello Houzzers !

I am a 35 yr old single man about to move into my first house, exciting yes, but i havent really lived outside of an apartment ever so am facing some dilemmas. I like modern/ contemporary lines and want my new living room to look "grown up" but functional as well, as i will be watching TV in there with my little dog. so here are the specifics and a roughly drawn layout.

- Living room is 19 X 14 feet. has a weirdly situated small wet bar, and a brick fireplace and chimney, with no mantle.

- the 14 feet wall is floor to ceiling windows with a lot of light

-The adjacent wall has stairs going up and an outlet for tv (so two focal points) I want to watch tv but the furniture to be arranged around the fireplace when guests come over.

- There is a lot of vertical space, two storied slanted ceiling and i am painting the 19 feet wall teal grey. floors are a medium stain hardwood.

1) What do I do with the area around the wet bar/ what use does it serve anyways, I can't afford to take it out currently.

2) Layout: 2 couches or a couch and 2 chairs?

3) Couch recommendations/ what a reasonable company? i was thinking a camel leather and a charcoal. with a beige rug?

4) Not a big fan of clunky TV in living room, anyone with a Frame TV from Samsung, looks interesting

This is after a week of research , left my head spinning :D

Thanks !

14 feet wall with windows, next to the wet bar

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