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Advise needed from construction professionals

4 years ago

We have a new home (2 1/2 years old). For some time now we have had a leak in an unfinished room in our basement that opens to the backyard. I has been both around the door but also through the ceiling/wall. Our builders warranty department has been out to troubike shoot it 10+ times. All that has really been done is caulking but I thought the issue had been resolved.

Well, we had an extreme rain with high winds the other day and it leaked again. I informed the builder and they came out today. They basically told me that we could not use that episode as a gauge as it was such extreme winds/rain and to let them know if it leaks under normal conditions.

My question is- is this bs? My house shokid never leak, regardless of how hard it rains or how windy it is, right? And if it does, something needs to be fixed?

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