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Brava roof tile

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

reposting some questions from another section

We just received our samples in the mail from Brava for the Aged, Aspen, Natural and New Cedar shakes for a brownish brick-red brick house with charcoal and buff dappling in the brick. They look great out of the box. Online reviews are positive but largely focused on custom service. I would love to hear thoughts on installation. It seems that it is not as technical as the metal interlock shingles and that any roofer should be able to install these? Is that correct? Once installed, any comments on the look, sheen, color differences or walkability? Are there any issues with insects or anything else getting underneath and taking up residence? This is a big purchase and just trying to do my homework. Thanks!

Still pondering and have the samples outside against the house. I do like Aged Cedar but don’t want too much red if it does end up like that for most folks. Natural is my other thought but concerned about being too monochromatic with the brick color. Last thought, the pollen seems to really stick to these. Has anyone else experienced color concerns or that pollen issue? Thanks!

FYI, these are not made of wood but is a synthetic composite material as many places no longer allow wood shake.

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