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OSB flooring soaked, New construction. Please advise

4 years ago

Yesterday, I decided to check on the progress of my new home only to find out that they are far from getting the roof/shingles on. I have had this conversation multiple times with my contractor and he always assures "everything will be fine". The second floor trusses and flooring is on. Now the sun cannot get to some areas of the first floor and that OSB flooring is soaked. He decided to use cheaper OSB to save money "Weyerhaeuser Edge". I was pushing Advantech on him before the project and he completely ignored my request. Considering I am from Ohio and all it seems to have done it rain the last several years, I am worried. I understand it can take several hits on rain but we are on week two and I don't see him getting the roof on in the next week. Well guess what, more rain today. My question is, how can I check this flooring after the roof is on? Once everything is dry? Is there anything I can look for to see if there will be any permanent damage? If so, I will make him cut out the bad areas and put new in. He did mention about sanding the edges when they swell and I have already started to see that. I am not wanting to deal with laying new sub flooring a few years down the road. I have uploaded a picture I took yesterday. Thank you.

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