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Painting out baseboards, leaving window and door casings white?

4 years ago

We've just painted our dining room a rich medium green (Benjamin Moore Grenada Green). We're very happy with the color, but the trim is a dilemma. At the moment, the baseboards and two window casings and two doorway casings (no doors; these lead into the kitchen and living room) are all painted a warm off-white. There's no crown, and we removed a chair rail before painting (the look is modern and minimal, and the ceilings are already low enough at just under 8' that we didn't want additional low horizontal elements). The trim color isn't the problem, per se, but there's still just too much of it, including especially the prominent white outline of the room produced by the baseboards. (Floors are a medium warm oak.) We could solve this by painting out all the trim to match the walls, or by doing the trim in a different color (a very dark gray could make an interesting combination with the green), but in both cases, we'd have an awkward transition into the adjoining rooms -- and a little white is still desirable. So we're considering painting out only the baseboards in a semi-gloss finish of the wall color, and leaving the door and window casings in the current off-white trim color. (The door trim and the baseboards both have a stepped profile, but they aren't tied in; the casings come all the way to the floor in a single piece, and the baseboards are butted up against them, so there's already some visual separation between the two, and it wouldn't be hard to paint one but not the other.) Has anyone done this? Any opinions about how it did or would look? Thanks in advance.

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