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Designing $1M+ Home in Austin TX- Floor Plan, Elevations and Site Plan

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

My wife and I recently moved to Austin TX where we purchased an acre of land on a sloped lot overlooking Lake Travis and Austin hill country. We are both MBAs that have worked hard to climb the corporate ladder quickly. Last year we decided to seek a change in our lives and moved from Boston MA about 6 months ago for a slower pace of life and to start a family.

We are an active couple in our 30s with two dogs and a growing family with our first baby on the way. We plan to have an additional two or three kids in the not too distant future. I work from home 50% of the time and travel to various offices around the US the other 50% so we made sure to purchase a lot no more than 45 mins from the airport.

Given our family plans, we have decided to build a home that we can grow into over the next 10 years. We are working with a local custom builder and architect to come up with a 3,500 to 3,800 sq ft home consisting of 4 beds, 4 bath, 1 office, 3 car garage which maximizes views from most rooms. The home will be a one-story home with a 1,000 sq ft unfinished space below the living room, dining room and casita that will require minimal cutting given the slope of the lot.

Our lot starts at 900 ft of elevation and drops to 840ft which is great for views but not so much for slab costs therefore we've decided to build an unfinished basement for now instead of filling it with 18ft of concrete.

I have attached our current floor plan, site plan and first draft elevation sketch.

We intend to change the size of the two bedrooms (guest and bedroom 2) to square 12'8 x 12'8 as well as reduce the size of the flex space to try to bring the conditioned sq ft down to 3,600 or so.

We are building the home as close as possible to the north side of the lot as their is a slope easement that prevents us from cutting into the land on the south side so we intend for the driveway to be on that side.

The orientation of the home is as follows:

- Front of the home faces West and into a cul de sac

- Rear of the home faces East and faces Lake Travis

- Master Bedroom side of home faces North and Lake Travis

- Garage side of home faces South and hill country

We spent ~$300k on the land and intend to spend around ~$850k on the initial build with a ~$150k pool budget in year two and plans to finish out of the basement further down the line. The home is in a new development so there is some risk however the two other homes on the street are asking $1.35M and $2.0M for 4,000 to 4,500 sq ft for semi custom homes so we feel comfortable with our plan.

The deed restrictions are very lax with the only major considerations being that the house needs a 25ft setback in front, 5ft on either side, 2,800 sq ft minimum and 3 car garage not facing the street.

Any tips on our floor plan, site plan or elevation are greatly appreciated.

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