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Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma problems

2 years ago

I’m having troubles with my Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma. The bottom leaves have yellowed and have fallen off. The new growth has blackened. The mother leaf is yellowing as well. I can tell if it over watering, under watering, not enough fertilizer, or too much sun.

Watering: I water about once every week and a half. The potting mix is slightly damp when I put my finger down to the first knuckle. It’s in a 6” terra-cotta pot. Potting mix is 5-1-1.

Fertilizer: I haven’t been fertilizing much. I use dyna-grow 9-3-6. I fertilized today to see if that helps.

Light: Its against an east wall in a room with south and west windows. It’s gets a lot of indirect light and a bit of direct sun in the evening. Maybe an hour and a half.

Any advice welcome. Luckily this is my only plant having issues this winter. I’m hoping I can get it through till spring and do a repot. It was growing like a weed this last summer/fall when I bought it.

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