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My mother favorites her niece’s kids over mine. What do I do to fix it

3 years ago

I’m going to try to be short as possible but I can’t make any promises. The problem is with my own mother. I feel that she does not care or love my daughter (her grandchild) as much as she loves my cousin‘s 3 daughters. She will go out of her way to help them when they live an hour away. I live 15 minutes from her and she never even comes to see my 1 yr. old daughter. I used to think that my daughter wasn’t invited to outings with them because she was too young and couldn’t walk but that’s not the case. My cousin’s youngest is only six months old. My mom always made me feel that she loved my cousin more and now she’s doing it to my daughter by favoriting her niece‘s kids. She always calls them beautiful and that they look just like her (my mom) and that they look like my grandmother (my mom’s mom). So is my baby not loved for the simple fact that she looks nothing like them? I don’t know what my mom’s problem is and I brought it up once that Saturdays used to be the day I would bring my daughter over but when my cousin moved into town she now brings her daughters over every single weekend. They spend the night Friday through Sunday staying the whole weekend! I asked my mom: So don’t bring her over on Saturdays anymore? That used to be the day that I brought her over now you don’t even ask for her. All she said was: I’m sorry you feel that way. She didn’t even own up to never inviting my daughter and I to any of their outings. I only brought it up the one time and it still hurts as nothing has changed. It‘s been five months since my cousin has moved into town and I’m deeply depressed about my daughter not getting the love she should be from her own grandma.

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