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Basement Playroom

4 years ago

Hi! I'm hoping I can get some design advice on here!

We are in the midst of a basement playroom remodel. I need your help with flooring and paint color suggestions.

We just removed a large bar from the room in order to convert the space into a kid friendly playroom. The trim on all the doors and paneling around the room is an orange-toned wood color. The basement steps lead straight into this room, the banister is currently painted white. We were thinking to put white shelving across the entire wall, below the two windows. The shelving will come to about 42" tall, halfway up the wall.

1) It is a basement and we live in a climate that is cold a good portion of the year. Do you have an opinion on vinyl flooring vs. carpet? Do you have a specific vinyl floor or carpet color to suggest? This room will get a lot of use, I need something that will hold up to the kids.

2) What color would you recommend for the walls that will compliment the wood trim?

Thank you!

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