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Carpet color for basement playroom

15 years ago

I'm picking out carpet for our basement playroom. The walls are white painted paneling. We really have no furniture (other than a wooden desk) at this point -- the kids just play on the floor. Eventually, I supposed we'll get a couch when they're older. It's a big room (14' x 20'), plus stairs leading up to the kitchen.

The carpet I picked out comes in like 100 colors -- and obviously white could go with any of them. I really don't like earth tones or any variety of beige or brown. Part of me is leaning towards forest green (that's what we had before & were happy with it). Another part of me thinks I should do something more interesting, like red. They also have a light grey I like, so that would be a neutral I like better than beige.

What do you all think?

Would red carpet look ridiculous? Would I live to regret it?

Is forest green dated? (Didn't see much of it as I was looking around-- nearly everything these days seems to be beige or sage green)

Would neutral grey be too boring?

Below is a link to the colors (the ones I'm considering are Everglades (green), scarlet or garnet (red), or silverado (grey) - let me know which you like or if you have other suggestions!

Thanks in advance!

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