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Quartz fireplace facing cracked suddenly

Jennifer BH
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

In mid may 2019, we remodeled our home including the full replacement of our fireplace (box and surround). Our fireplace surround / facing is made of 3cm quartz on all sides with a single piece of quartz for the front with the cutout for the opening. The fireplace box is ventless.
In Sept 2019 both of the top corners of the quartz facing where the opening for the fireplace is began to crack after only light fireplace used of less than 30 min at a time on the lowest setting. Since then the cracks have spread, and this weekend I was using the fireplace for about an hour and heard a loud boom and was shocked to see the resulting damage. The fabricator and rep from quartz master are coming this weekend to discuss. What should I know before I meet with them? Is this an install or material issue? Is this actually 'fixable' in a way that is attractive and allows me to fully enjoy my fireplace?
Originally, we were going to install tile surround/facing, but our GC was the one who recommended using the excess quartz from our island /counters on the fireplace and never mentioned it might be an inappropriate material. Also, we were originally told by the GC that we would have to put joints for expansion on the front instead of a single piece, but then the fabricator came back and said a single piece was fine. We were warned there was a risk of cracking, but after years use, not immediately. I feel like I was talked into both an inappropriate material and instalation method /design and trusted their "expertise" when I shouldn't have, but I am not sure what I can do about ensuring I end up with a long term fix.

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