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Fabricator goofed!

Mary Dragowski
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

My Taj Mahal quartzite was just installed. Before it was fabricated, I told the fabrication programmer that I fell in love with this slab because of the large corner area. It didn't have rust streaks in that part and the wide, creamy colored veining was in this area (really beautiful). After us looking at the slab, we went to another area to see how he would plan the cutting. It looked blurry to me because it's shrunken in size, bright lights on and since I already expressed what I wanted, I was focused on the seam and how he was matching the ends. When they installed the countertop, I didn't even think it was from my slab because in the area I specified, was the ugliest part of the slab (the first area you see when you walk in the room). They won't do anything about it. This was just under $10,000. I looked for a great slab for at least 6 months. What would you do? Thank you!

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