Have you noticed price increases at Goodwill?

2 years ago

I've shopped Goodwill for years. At first it was about Christmas decorations for our new home 15 years ago. Then it was wool clothing for blankets followed by sweatshirt hoodies and jean jackets that I repurpose into jean-hoodies. Of course over the years I've found my share of good deals both clothing, utensils, a brand new Dyson vacuum etc. I frequent a couple of different stores, one in a fairly large (to me) city and another at the outskirts of a very expensive community. I went this past weekend for leggings and long sleeve tshirts for around the house. $6.99 for a pair of jean leggings. About $2-3 higher than I've paid in the past.

I've also been doing the online shopgoodwill auction for more than 20 years. Over the course of time I have secured some very good deals and as long as you know your prices good deals can be had there. Recently though there are a couple very large stores making their presence on the auction and their start prices are sometimes as high as the original store tage prices. Add in their shipping and handling charges and they are too the moon. Does Goodwill really think those of us that shop there and the auction are doing it to donate to thier mission. That's another thing, every item I bid on I'm asked to round up to support the cause. You go to the store and at the register your asked if you'd like to round up to support the cause. I'm supporting the cause by being there, by buying on the auction.

I'm not a casual buyer on the auction. I spend about 3 hours on Saturday mornings scoping clothing for both myself and my husband, shoes, kitchen ware, appliances, home and garden items, tools, certain pieces of jewelry, seasonal items and anyting NIB - new in box or NWT - new with tags.

Sorry for the long rant, basically I'm asking if you've noticed higher prices at Goodwill.

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