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Kitchen Cabinets Colors Taj Mahal Counter and Waterfall Island

Please help me finalize the colors in our new kitchen. We have selected Taj Mahal as the countertops that are also going to be going up as the backsplash and down the sides of the island for a waterfall effect. We want to incorporate another color to ground the kitchen and warm it up a little. Any designer with suggestions? We want to use the island color along the cabinets on the left as well - this is a wall of cabinets with paneled fridge. We want a warm white (like a Swiss coffee) with a warmer greige possibly. We are open to ideas, even blue tones. Our main questions are what two colors to use and where the colors should go (on island and wall of cabinets vs. window wall of cabinets and hood wall cabinets. I've also included a picture to show what color wood the floors are. Thank you all for your advice.

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