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Quartzite kitchen countertop Taj Mahal, Perla Venta or Cristallo? Sink

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We are considering new kitchen perimeter counter (with sink), island (with cooktop and step up) and bar (with sink). Considering Taj Mahal quartzite, Perla Venata quartzite, or Cristallo quartzite.

1) Of the 3 listed can someone share an opinion regarding the most durable? We will be testing the slabs to the best of our ability. We currently have 26 year old dark granite and no problems. We have 3 young children and 2 older children, we need durability.

2) Are Taj Mahal quartzite, Perla Venata quartzite, or Cristallo quartzite more or less the same in terms of ease of fabrication?

3) Do we want 2cm or 3cm?

4) Will it be more difficult to fabricate if we keep the step up on the island?

We will need a new sink as well, considering an Elkay Quartz Luxe.

5) Is there an advantage to using an apron front and single bowl versus an undermount & double bowl? Also should we try for a sink deck? Sink cabinets are 48 inches wide. 25 inches deep. We would like a large sink.

Cabinets will be refaced, color changed to Sherwin Williams Panda White (the same as our walls). We selected this color for our walls and cabinets as it relates to our tile floor. The floor is used throughout the entire downstairs of our home.

6) Would anyone care to share their opinion on which quartzite may look the best with our Panda White cabinets and tile floor? I do realize each slab can vary. Some may be more white, cream, beige etc..hoping to find something to compliment our floors and cabinets.

Thank you for any input, the kitchen remodel is a new experience for us.

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