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Furniture help for odd shaped multi use room

3 years ago

Looking for advice on what to do with this odd(ish) room. Intended use will be kitchen / dining room / sitting area. I don't need a formal tv space, as our tv will be in another room, although we were thinking about putting up a samsung frame above the fireplace for cooking videos and such. For the sitting area, I'd love to be able to play board games, curl up and read a book, or have coffee chats. I also love function, so a table, or sideboard to store keys or any other useful stuff is great! Any and all advice is appreciated. Couple of key points:

  • With the exception of the dining room table, i'm not married to any of the furniture, so it can go or stay. If possible I'd like to fit the coffee table, but I realize it's large so not a deal breaker.
  • The alcove space to the right of the refrigerator has been ear-marked this pantry, Which we definitely need, so not much can go there.
  • The side of the island facing the fireplace, has cabinets, which are in active use (hold pressure cooker and such) so furniture can't be pushed up against it.
  • The window to the right of the french doors (in the pictures it has a green pillow against it) has a doggy door, so that can't be covered either.
  • The measurement from fireplace to island is 113 inches. Left edge of gray cabinet to right edge of the fire place is 98.5 inches.

The wall color is gray / green. It's greenish during the day and grayish at night. I'm so lost as to what to do.

Pictures will be posted below.

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