Closet company lead times

last year

I'm looking to have closets installed and all the closet company chains have lead times around 8 weeks. I thought that just meant that they are busy and nothing more. But one of the companies has it in their agreement that if anything is wrong and parts are needed after installation it can take another 8 weeks for the repair/correction. And that got me to thinking maybe these companies aren't really that busy, but they are sourcing their parts overseas and the lead times are so long because that's how long it takes to get replacement parts.

If that's the case, I will live with it to get my preferred vendor. But if that's not the case then I will fight for a shorter follow up time. There's no way I should drop to the end of the installation queue for corrections after I've spent thousands of dollars. And if they won't budge then I may go with a different company.

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