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Need advice on living room layout and decor

Rachel H
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I'm slowly buying new furniture for my small condo living room. New couch is dark chestnut Hancock and Moore. I'd like to get rid of the old navy blue Lazy Boy and purchase two new chairs, preferably comfortable enough for someone to sit and watch a movie (so not just for looks). Would you put them side by side in front of the windows? Would you only do one chair in front of the window, and then another in the far corner facing the couch? What color? Whats your thoughts on the pillows (current ones are from Greece, but are not very practical to use. Thinking I'll add them to the chairs, and buy more fluffy ones for couch). My feet always end up on the couch, so perhaps get an ottoman, but not sure how to arrange. Additionally, I plan to get rid of the stand behind the couch (that's currently holding a quilt and fabric art). Would you add a table behind the couch or a table up against the back wall? I need more storage, so not sure how to incorporate that into this room. My taste is transitional, warm, cozy, worldly, and a tad eclectic. But I like balance and need to somehow make this room look coordinated.

Please help with any advice to finish this room!

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