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I LOVE Halloween Swap FOTESS October

Ok, I love Halloween.

I prefer my Halloween decorations up most of the month. So sad to get them just a few days before and then take them down. So, I’ll post this swap early, ASSIGN PARTNERS EARLY and ask you to send your package early.

Thinking I’ll assign partners on the evening of the 2nd of October (Pacific time) - that’s ~a week for sign-ups. Then, if everyone could have their package mailed by the 9th - that’s a week with a weekend after you know who your partner is and you can be thinking about / planning your package now. Stragglers for mailing will be forgiven but the majority of folks should be able to have their gift decoration up for a few weeks.

  1. A Card - homemade or purchased, your choice
  2. Seeds that self sow - The end of the month through November is when I sprinkle seed in the beds where it can sprout all on its own come spring. Send your partner 1 (or a few) packet of seed that they can just toss out and do nothing more until it’s time to enjoy them. Because - well, Halloween - Feel free to toss in Pumpkin or Gourd seeds if you know your partner would enjoy them.
  3. Halloween Decoration - Any, your choice - homemade or purchased, can be to wear, to display or use or to place in the garden.

FOTESS is Friends of the Earth SIMPLE Swap - so, I encourage you NOT to go overboard. Try for something you can pack in a padded envelope and not spend an arm and a leg on postage costs.

There will be games with points and optional participation and prizes. I’ll post those in another day. If you’re not part of this group already, please message Jeanne 

PLEASE - no sending plant material (cuttings, tubers, bulbs) in this swap. In order to stem the spread of various plant and tree diseases and invasive bugs, many states have made laws that un-inspected plant material not be sent there. Let’s all do no harm and do our part to protect the environment. I spend part of my time educating people about invasive species, so it is something I pay more attention to than most.

Seeds you can toss about on somewhat decent soil (if you have bark chip mulch, sprinkle UNDER the mulch, shove it aside and then put it back) include: Nigella, Poppies (California style and Opium), Violas, Alyssum, Flax (red or blue), Knautia aka Scabiosa atropurpurea, Linaria, Lychnis, Salvia coccinea, Mustard Osaka Purple, some Calendula, Forget me nots, Feverfew, Schizanthus. Feel free to post what others are.

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