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IE & IH October Swap:Haunted Halloween Pumpkin Party

14 years ago

Hey All,

It's that time again...that's right...Halloween time and Pumpkin time are just around the corner. So that means it is time for Becky and I to host a combined Incredible Edible, Incredible Heirloom extravaganza!!

This swap will be an Incredible Heirloom Pumpkin Party where you could send all kinds of heirloom pumpkin and squash seeds...The sky is the limit :)

Along with an Incredible Edible Haunted Halloween with a Black and Orange theme, with either the veggie/fruit itself being the color, or the color being in the name. Things like Pumpkins and Carrots and Cantaloupe, Earl of Edgecombe Tomatoes, etc. in the orange category .....and then Eggplant , Black Krim tomatoes , Blacktail Mountain Watermelon, as examples of Black.

Let your imagination be your guide to spooky seeds and spectacular sweet squash.

Sign-ups will be until the 30th of the month. Then we will post partners on the 1st of October.

Please have your packages ready to fly by the 16th of October.

Since the swap is both IH & IE together, you need only send one Bubble Envelope or Package to your partner with all your pumpkin, squash and orange and black goodies inside.

This is going to be spooktacular!! :)

Donna & Becky

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