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Long Living Room Arrangement help! Windows + Entry ways

4 years ago

We are trying to figure out the best way to set up this room. Until we buy different furniture, we are planning on putting an L-shape grey couch and a small pullout couch in the small enclosed side.

We are also dealing with at least one bookshelf, a coffee table, a rug (we have a couple different sizes to choose from), a TV, and lamps for lighting. Possible an end table. We'll likely get rid of a couch at some point but it's what we are working with for now!

Open to all arrangement ideas.

We get pretty decent natural light earlier in the day as shown in the first two pictures.

The biggest issue is the area in front of the front door is a bit wider and faces a bit of wall but also a railing/stair

There are two open areas perpendicular to each other on either side of the pillar to the right.


Bookshelf which we use for display of nice books, record player, pictures (not cluttered or full):

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