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Who has Annie Laurie McDowell in SoCal?

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I have been reading about this rose ALMcD...and the descriptions seem to good to be true (fragrant bushy climber that wants to bloom with her good disease resistance). I wonder those in SoCal zones 9-10, has this rose done well? How does it behave in partial shade during the afternoon (does it need all day sun)? Is it self cleaning or is it like iceberg which requires constant deadheading? Does it get powdery mildew?

Two relatively recent pink roses I started growing are Bishop‘s castle and Belinda’s Dream and both have powdery mildew. Perhaps they will grow out of it but it looks ghastly. BC is worse than BD.

My other roses have never gotten PM like these two!

I read some growers having to disbud to allow the rose to grow, is it a weak grower?

Lastly and most importantly, who sells this rose? Is it one that gets around through cuttings from growers?

Thanks you for sharing your thoughts on ALMcD!

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