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Perplexed by proportions: master bath mirror and sconces

Mittens Cat
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

This seems so simple yet I am floundering.

Aiming for simple MCM style, we are going for nearly full wall mirror above the vanity in our master bath. We've never had any side lighting before (I don't wear makeup so overhead lighting was fine), so mainly adding side lighting for resale value. (OK, also because drywall is currently being installed and my GC is begging for sconce locations!)

The wall is 104" wide and our vanity is a 56" wide IKEA Godmorgon topped with Odensvik double sink. (We didn't do a full width vanity mainly due to complications of an exterior door.) As much as I'd like to add some tile on this wall, I'm in budget cut mode, so probably just paint for now.

We have recessed lighting above but want to mount a pair of sconces (or three sconces?) on the mirror as well. The 56" vanity will be floated on this wall, presumably from dead center. The vanity has two sinks in that small width. Should like this (albeit with a roughly 4' high x 6' wide mirror!) once we add custom walnut drawer fronts:

IKEA specs, if it helps:

Hoping for some direction on where to place those sconces! Something like this, I guess (not really thrilled with the bar/tube style, though): Vanity lighting

Starting to like these little cube lamps but I've yet to find the source:


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