Authors who REALLY interest you

laceyvail 6A, WV

Are there any authors whose books have so interested you that you have become interested in their lives?

For me, there are two, with a possible third. The first is E.B. White. I have read his children's books, all his essays, his letters, at least one biography, and through him became interested in his entire life; his wife, Katherine White; and the entire story and characters of The New Yorker magazine, which I was introduced to as a child--my mother got it and I loved the cartoons. (Seventy years later, I'm still reading The New Yorker , and it's still got the best writing in America.)

Second author would be J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm a looong time lover of The Lord of the Rings, which I've read many, many times. I've also read the Silmarillion , though not much more of the vast legendarium, which was gathered and organized by Tolkien's son, Christopher, from his copious notes and writings. I've read several biographies and a number of books about his works, and I've also read quite a bit about the Inklings, a group of writers that included Tolkien and C.S. Lewis who met regularly for years. Presently I'm really enjoying a podcast on Tolkien's work called The Prancing Pony, which was the name of an inn mentioned in the LOTR. I've also read Tolkien's most famous scholarly works, his essay on Faerie and the one on Beowulf, which transformed how scholars viewed that great poem. (And just to add, many people don't realize that Tolkien was quite an artist as well.--a true polymath.)

The third author is Patrick Leigh Fermor, writer/traveler extraordinaire, and WW II hero, though my interest in him is not as strong as is my interest in White and Tolkien.

What about you? Any authors you just can't get enough of?

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