Living room/dining room furniture placement help.

2 years ago

Hello again. I'm trying to decide the best set up for furniture in our house and some decorating help.

I'm not attached to anything.

I've attached an almost (I forgot the kitchen stuck out 2 feet from the dining area so everything from there to front of house should have been shifted too but I was too lazy ) to scale drawing of main floor which included living room, first attempt at kitchen re-design, and dining room.

Help me figure out sizes of rugs to look for (dining room and living room).

What to do with seating and how to arrange it in Living room?

What size table for dining room? (family of 7 and we eat in the dining room for all meals. Plus need extra space for guests.)

What to do about lighting? we only have those 2 lights by fireplace in living room.

Eventually we will be replacing all flooring, trim, fixtures but for now I'd like a temporary solution for furniture placement plus ideas for future improvements/purchases . (I hope that makes sense!)

Thank you!

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