Cost: standard closets vs. PAX?

Mittens Cat
2 years ago
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I've read a lot of comments on the PAX debate but haven't been able to find solid comparisons on the cost. I'm at IKEA often and know PAX has a huge variety of doors and accessories, so the price varies widely depending on what options you choose, but has anyone ever attempted a cost comparison of, say, the most basic PAX vs. a standard bedroom closet (aka tract home style mirrored doors on sliding track)?

I always presumed sticking with our old standard closets would be cheaper, but maybe not so much? Trying to suss out the difference. And yes, I'm a huge fan of PAX, but we are way over budget so...trying to pinch nickles where I can right now.

OH, one other concern, for resale purposes: if a bedroom has PAX and not a built in closet, does it technically make the room a den instead of a bedroom? (We're in Calif. if that matters.)

Bedroom 2 has a closet that's 133" wide by 31" deep (I was pondering using 20% of this closet for a small built in desk). This room is roughly 10x12 feet with a sloping ceiling and will be a guest room or possibly my son's room if he decides it's quieter than the one he currently prefers.

Bedroom 3 is the former master bedroom (I had the right side of the closet, meaning I had to crawl behind that yellow wall to access stuff that rarely got accessed). This closet is 100" wide by 25.5" deep. The door to the right leads to a bathroom. The door on far left leads to the main part of house. This will likely be my son's room for at least another few years, then probably a guest room after that. This room is 12x14 feet with an 8 foot ceiling. I'm open to tearing down the yellow wall and starting from scratch, if that doesn't add significantly to the cost.

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