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Laundry room vs laundry closet

Jack D
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hello, we have a brand new home in a highly desirable area that is a three bedroom with a "flex room" that currently has no door. It is a 10'X10' room adjacent to the laundry room. Our property manager will only list it as a 4 bedroom if it has a closet and a door, which I understand. We have already decided on the door, so the pictures show an entrance door already there. One idea is to turn the existing laundry room into a laundry closet and use the space to add a closet. The pics are of the second level. The pic that has the "utility" room is the current config. For rentability, a 4 bedroom will get more and rent faster, and for resale too, BUT.... will sacrificing the laundry room for a laundry closet be a deal killer on resale? (this area is all new and the laundry room is a staple). Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

Current configuration

Laundry closet modification

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