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how hard is it to keep a tile and grout tub/shower surround clean?

Beth W
4 years ago

I live in a 100 year-old house with one main family bathroom. The tub/shower currently has an inexpensive 3 piece/2 seam surround that has mold growing behind and needs replacing. It was fairly easy to keep clean. I’m considering replacing it with subway tile. As I’ve never had grout lines I’m wondering how hard this will be to keep clean? We live in an area with hard water, but we do have a water softener. I’m also considering going with an Onyx type system which is similar to what I have now.

If I go with tile, should I get larger tiles to have fewer grout lines? Make the grout lines as narrow as possible? Does grout need to be replaced frequently? Or sealed? I appreciate all your feedback!

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