Would you do something different if you had the means to?

2 years ago

I enjoyed Glenda's career post last night. I know some of you are retired but for those that aren't, would you continue doing what you're doing or work at something else if you could? If I had the means I would quit my job and buy a couple acres of land off the main road in our town and open a market garden. Build a small home at the back of the land and grow fruits, flowers and vegetables to sell. Maybe grill some vegetables and meat for sale during the day. Have tables for people to eat in a garden setting. Have a small greenhouse on site to start plants and maybe sell some varieties of flowers and vegetable plants not offered in the other stores/nurseries. I noticed most places here sell the same flowers and tomato plants. No variety at all. I would need to hire help. I'm heading towards 60, so the odds that this is ever going to happen is pretty slim. I can still dream, right?

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  • rob333 (zone 7a)
    2 years ago
    last modified: 2 years ago

    What kinds of means? If I was 20, I'd study to become a marine biologist. That's a means of health. If I was 30 I'd study to obtain a Master of Jurisprudence in HealthCare Law, that's a means of time. If had the money, at any age, I'd be nicole. My ex and I were great at house flipping. It was so much fun to make a house vibrant and efficient. To design things other people wanted. I can't do it on my own, but only due to lack of funds.

  • maifleur01
    2 years ago

    If I had a couple of or ten million I would purchase a house while I had this one redone both inside and out. Probably would purchase the vacant lot to the north and perhaps enlarge the house in that direction. Then would hire someone to watch the furkids while I traveled.

  • Debby
    2 years ago

    My plan was to finish school, work in an office for a few years then travel before even thinking about dating and having kids. Well, that didn't work out........

    I quit school at the end of grade 11. Had a baby 2 years later. Married. Had a baby. got divorced. Had two babies, remarried.

    What would I do different if I had the chance? NOT A THING! I would have missed out on my children. While I "maybe" could have had a better life, whose to say I'm not already living the better life. About the only thing I would have done differently was to save for retirement a lot sooner even if it meant eating Kraft Dinner (gag me with a spoon, that stuff is awful!). If it wasn't for my husband settlement from his car accident, we would be in a really big pickle right now.......

  • FinallyHome
    2 years ago

    I've got the means, but not the will. I always wanted to be a lawyer and used to be smart enough. Chemo 10 years ago kind of changed me. The will, but not the means. Now the means but no will. Go figure.

  • DawnInCal
    2 years ago

    I don't think I'd change anything. I like the life I've led and I like the life I'm living now. It's not that I haven't had some rough patches, but money wouldn't have changed that. They were things that money couldn't fix.

  • laceyvail 6A, WV
    2 years ago

    If i had the means, I'd buy a small piece of land, build a small house, and sell the place I have now, which is very lovely with gorgeous gardens that need more than I will be able to give them in another few years. With what i have now, I can't do the first until I have done the second, and not only is that impossible, it wouldn't give me quite enough money to do it right..

  • marilyn_c
    2 years ago

    I would do what I do now....basically nothing. I would have more waterlilies.

  • PKponder TX Z7B
    2 years ago

    If I had the means I would open a specialty pet store with a self service dog wash. That's been a bucket list wish for several years now.

  • Elmer J Fudd
    2 years ago

    Hold on to that bucket you're using for the list, it will be useful when washing dogs.

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)
    2 years ago

    While I have no regrets about the life I have lived and the work I have done, I wish I had traveled more and even lived in another country. But that would have been something to do when I was much younger......I no longer have the desire for much traveling and too old and set in my ways to relocate now. And I was far too focused on my career in my early years and not very adventurous either, so that is a ship long sailed :-)

  • fran1523
    2 years ago

    I've been very fortunate, lived modestly and have enough resources to live comfortably. If I had unlimited resources the only thing I'd do differently is always fly business class instead of coach.

  • Chi
    2 years ago

    "I would do what I do now....basically nothing"

    You don't do nothing! You might not be paid, but your work with animals is invaluable.

  • marilyn_c
    2 years ago

    Thank you, Chi. I do get paid though. I take my money off of the top. ;)

    Actually, I had the means and the time to further my education, but my husband always needed someone available who could run errands and pick up things he needed. He made enough money that it wasn't necessary for me to work. Later when I had my baby and needed to take care of my mother, I wanted to stay home and do that. It worked out for us.

  • joyfulguy
    2 years ago
    last modified: 2 years ago

    Marilyn's no jackass ... but she gives some a good home.

    Plus some horses slated for slaughter.

    Go, Marilyn.

    As for me - for much of my working life I lived in an employer-owned house ... but knew that on the day that I got fired ... or retired ... I'd have to provide my own, so began an investing program to deal with the issue.

    Recently asked my banker if he could give me one good reason (or two or three poor ones) why I shouldn't take my money out oof his bank, dig a hole in the back yard, and bury it.

    He said that we need money for businesses to start new projects, for young ones to finance homes and other ideas to keep the economy going.

    I said that they guarantee to pay me the amount that I gave them, after two, three or five years, etc. - same deal as my cash in the hole in the back yard (of my rented house - which info I didn't feel it useful to share with him).

    The only difference is the rent that they pay me on the money, called "interest", at about 2.5%. Interest income is taxed at top rate, and if I'm in 25% tax rate, that .625% to the government (granted, to pay for roads, schools, healthcare, etc.) ...

    ... leaves 1.875% in my pocket.

    The other rat that eats my invested cheese is called "inflation" and that hits my "guaranteed" money in the bank and in the hole in the backyard equally. The official rate is around 2% ... but if you"ve visited a grocer or other business lately, you'll dispute it.

    As many governments owe huge, and increasing, debts, they have less than a smidgeon of interest in seeing interest rates rise any appreciable amount in the near future.

    If I buy shares in your bank, they pay about 4.5% dividends ... and, as you know, I pay a much lower tax rate on those dividends.

    I bought shares in a Canadian bank just over 50 years ago, for around $4.17 per share, paying about 10 - 12 cents/year dividend, at lower tax rate.

    In 2007, before the financial troubles, I could have sold them for about $110. and the annual divdend rate was $3.08. Big drop in share price after that, some said they'd cut dividend rate. They didn't - but no increase for four years.

    I figured that if I'd keep them a few more years, they'd pay each year the original price that I'd paid.

    They did - about four years ago. Annual rate $5.44 last Dec, now $5.60: 34% above original share price.

    But I have fewer shares. When I transfer shares to a charity, I receive a tax-deductible receipt for the full amount ... and avoid the usual tax at usual rate on half of the capital gain.

    The banker didn't really have much of an answer for me.

    ole joyfuelled

  • wildchild2x2
    2 years ago

    I am a lot like Marilyn but without the horses and rescue animals. I have no regrets making the decision to stay home and raise my children, my DH ;-) and manage my household. The careers that interested me at the time were not open to women. I was laughed and mocked by my high school counselors when I told them I wanted to be a vet. I realize now now I would have made a lousy vet anyway. I have this problem dealing with stupid people. I would have had to go into a research position, zoology or some other specialty.

    Now I have come into horses late in my life. Purely by accident of circumstances that left me searching for a way to still find pleasure in some activity I could still do, so I could feel empowered rather than be imprisoned by disability and loss of many favorite things I could do before. So if I had the means I would invest more time and money into these wonderful animals that keep me sane, balanced and "youthful". I would be riding more, learning more and further along in some goals I have tentatively set for myself by the time I hit 70 in a bit under two years.