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How do I change the bulb in this recessed/can light?

Gail Gemberling
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I feel really stupid but don't know how to change the bulb in this light or even what kind of bulb it is. I am thinking if I can put an LED in there I won't have to deal with this much. I have 7 of these but this one is over the

kitchen sink and can switch on and off separately from the others. It is used the most and so it is the first to go out. I still have the receipt from the purchase of the lights and bulbs but cannot read the writing on it. Thought I would try here first for how to change this bulb. Do I take the whole thing out or what? Thanks so much. I keep trying to upload the picture but it won't show up. Any help with that would also be appreciated.

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