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limited space between counter and upper cabinet

5 years ago

I would love to use IKEA kitchen cabinets in my condo kitchen remodel however I have limited ceiling height and am not certain I can fit in 40 in upper cabinets. The condo has concrete ceilings and the space from floor to ceiling is 96 inches. I will need lower the ceiling 2-3 inches to accommodate low profile recessed lights which brings it to 93 inches. So with 36 inches from floor to top of lower cabinets and 41 inches of upper cabinets (to accommodate the light rail) I only have 16 inches left over. If I keep a half inch at the top to assure the ceiling is level, then my cabinets would only be 15 1/2 inches from the counter. I know that 18 inches is the standard height but I wondered if anyone has installed them low as low as 15 inches and how that worked? Neither my husband nor I are tall (and we are shrinking!), no appliances will be under these cabinets, and they will be recessed 4 inches back from the lower cabinets (making reaching the back of the cabinet a stretch already). So, thoughts on how this might work/not work?

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