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In need of some help with my new rental

Brody Jones
4 years ago

My boyfriend and I recently moved from a dated 800sqft apartment, where we had a hodgepodge of his and my furniture, to a 1350sqft townhouse. His old couch and mine are both in our spare bedroom currently and we’ve gotten a new couch and loveseat. But I am at a loss on arranging the furniture and could use some decorating tips as well. He doesn’t have much of an opinion as to how it’s decorated or arranged. All of his furniture was mismatched pieces he’s had since college. I am looking at getting several new pieces of furniture to replace some items like the awful coffee table and bulky bar stools. I’d like to incorporate some of his items, but it’s not things I like. It’s mostly like Alabama football memorabilia and things of the sort. I like neutrals with pops of colors. I am not able to paint the walls, unfortunately. They are a light yellow-ish tan, which I hate. The current arrangement has been the best I’ve been able to figure out. As I said, I do love neutrals, but this is a whole lot of beige on beige on beige. Id like to put my rug down, but feel like it would look weird (in this arrangement), it is currently in the dining room underneath my table and chairs. I put a runner down, but I don’t know about it. I also have a large blank wall on the opposite side of the room I’m not sure what to do with. I hate the corner fireplace and having the opening behind the tv. I will include a few more pictures in the comments. Can someone help me out? Also please excuse my mess, we’re still unpacking. And thanks in advance!

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