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Kitchen Design: Window Woes & A Backsplash Dilemma

3 years ago

Hi, Houzzers! After lots of penny pinching, we're finally ready to dive into a kitchen renovation - so exciting. Overall, we're going light and bright - white cabinets and light counters - with a splash of black on the island. Before we start tearing things apart, there are a few design "quirks" I'd love your thoughts on...

1) I love the minimal aesthetic of a short backsplash constructed from countertop material (example here). Since there aren't any spots where water or grease would contact the walls, this would work from a functional perspective. We'd need to shift the outlets and light switches up a few inches to accommodate. The question is - how would you treat the built-in desk? Would you stair-step the backsplash down to the desk? Or just end it where the higher section of countertop ends?

2) A good framed out window is my jam. The windows over the kitchen sink are a little weird, in that there's no drywall above the window. So, it seems like it might be odd to try and trim these out. Thoughts?

3) Now let's refer back to the fabulous octagonal window over the desk. In addition to having a direct view into the neighbor's backyard, it is also perfectly positioned to blind you during dinnertime in the summer. So, two options here - a) replace this delight with a larger, rectangular window that aligns with the top height of the windows over the kitchen sink. Probably super expensive, as it'd be around 50" x 40", but maybe worth it b) a minimal, modern way to cover this delight up.

A few gratuitous photos...

Zoomed out view of problem side of kitchen:

Entry into the kitchen from the laundry room:

Opposite side of the kitchen (opens into family room):

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this novel!

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