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Large tile layout dilemma (for kitchen backsplash)

7 years ago

I'm struggling with layout ideas using large tiles for our kitchen backsplash. I would like to use 18x18, except I'm little concerned it may look weird to just have a row of large tiles since the space between the counter and cabinets is only 18." I'm open to using 16x16, 12x12, 6x12, 6x24, 4x8, etc. Or a combination. Basically, anything larger than 3x6.

Also we have a larger area above the range to fill. The space is about 40"x60."

In case it helps . . . our countertop will be Typhoon
Bordeaux granite, we have medium color wood cabinets, light hardwood
floors, tan walls. Because the granite has a lot of movement and color, we're
looking at using a light shade of Travertine tile, one that has some
variation, but not too much.

Layout ideas? I'm stumped. :P


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