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Does your house HAVE to have something to feel "right?"

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I mean like "stuff." I find it odd that when i bought my house it did not feel "right" until I hung out the bird feeders. Odd because I am not really a fan of birds. I don't dislike them, but i feel like they would be just fine without my help. But, I want those bird feeders out there, and I want to keep them full. I have 3 large wooden feeders that my uncle made, and i painted. They hold about 30 pounds of seed between them. I also have 7 hummingbird feeders. And they are all hanging in the same tree.

And it feels more and more like home with every rose bush that i plant. Perhaps because both were important to my mom when i was little. (Even though she could really care less now. I don't think she has ANY feeders now and her roses take very little fuss to maintain, which is how she likes it these days) She does put out corn to feed the deer though. I find it kinda funny that SO likes to do that too. He is not a hunter, but likes to look at them, so he buys lots of corn every year to put out for them.

And, this isn't strictly "stuff" but even though i did not grow up with pets, I think I would find it unfulfilling to be without them now.

Do you have something you need to feel at home? Or are you more of a person who thinks that home is wherever the heart is? :)

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